How Did It Happen?
From Destitution to Success

CFH logo     Dr. Francis Nah Kateh was born in Liberia and served as a medical missionary there during the recent Civil War. While studying in Chicago, he met Professor Donna Gellatly. Along with his dear friend, Dr. Stephen B. Kennedy, the three formed an organization called Concern for Humanity, Inc. to address the needs of the Liberian people who suffered during the war. Dr. Kateh's hope is to build a hospital in Karlokeh, the village where he was born.

village in Liberia

Village of Karlokeh, Liberia, West Africa

     The need for a hospital in Karlokeh cannot be overemphasized. The gateway to Maryland County, Liberia, Karlokeh is strategically located because it serves as agricultural produce center due to its proximity to Barrobo District and other districts. The nearest hospital is more than forty miles away. During the rainy season, which lasts for four to five months, the road becomes so impassable that even a four-wheel vehicle cannot go through. As a result, the infant and maternal mortality rate is above the national rate of Liberia. The construction of a hospital will bring relief not only to the people of Karlokeh, but to the entire region from Barrobo to River Gee County.

Dr. Francis Nah Kateh

Dr. Francis Nah Kateh

     In 2000, the Board of General Education of the United Methodist Church requested all affilitated institutions to send two of their outstanding alumni to be considered as Outstanding Graduates for the Milleniumm. Dr. Kateh (1991) was recommended by MacMurray College. Others honored include Barbara Kingsolver (1977-DePauw University), J.E.B. Stuart (1851-Emory & Henry College), Norman Vincent Peale (1920-Ohio Wesleyan University) and Martin Luther King Jr. (1955-Boston University).

Donations to Concern for Humanity, Inc. are tax-deductable and may be sent to:
Concern for Humanity, Inc.
P.O. Box 1393
Wadesboro, N.C., 28170

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